Monday, 22 February 2010

Scammers, and nice food!

Well, I found some gorgeous flats for rent in Sevilla, about the right price, with photos showing lovely crisp interiors and I applied to them both. Half an hour later, I got a reply to the first...the owner is in West Africa at the moment, but if I send over the money, they will post the keys to me. Umm...yeah right?

Go back to look at the second, which looks legit, and shortly afterwards get a response from them. They are doing Christian work abroad, which is why they are renting out their flat...they just need copies of my national insurance card, passport and all my personal details, including mothers maiden names, to process the let.

Gah! I swear I must attract scammers! I've given up on the house search for a few days, however, to destress and concentrate on other things...I thought I'd hear about the course I've applied too over there today, but when I emailed to ask, they said I needed to send more information. So more waiting! I need them to decide soon, though, as I need to make plans if I don't get a place!

I haven't really been learning Spanish, either...We are using some Spanish phrases in everyday conversation, trying to get used to saying them, and I'm listening to the radio in Spanish too. I'll get there, but Spain feels like a huge mountain to climb at the moment.

Decided to make the most of England (and Birmingham especially) while we are here, so today me and OH went out to Urban Pie...It was interesting. I've never been before. You start at a Tesco Cafe like metal grid, with a selection of pies in front of you. OH choose steak, I had minced beef and new potatoes. The pie is put in a cardboard box...rather like a childrens meal from Mcdonalds. Then they offer two scoops of mash for £1.75 (the pies are £3.99) and gravy for 20p. Eating out of the box was hard, as the flaps were so tall, and using plastic knives and forks was a bit difficult. The pie was a bit hard, so I couldn't cut through it, and not as nice as I had expected. We did go at about 4pm, however, so earlier in the day I can imagine that it'd be nice. It was quiet, and clean, and the staff were friendly. They have a selection of beers and soft drinks refrigerated, and a welcoming room...I'm not sure if we will go again, but it was a nice meal out for £15, which was healthy too. Well, fairly. Better then Mcdonalds...I think?

Anyway, I'm off to learn the phrase of the day.

Night all!

E x

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

An Off Day.

I've been poorly today...I've just been pushing myself too hard with the business and OH and Spain, and started to feel rubbish last week. It's been slowly getting worse, until 2am yesterday, when I had terrible muscle pains. Took some tramadol and waited for that to take effect, and then decided to have a shower as the hot water usually helps. It did, until I fell over and hurt myself. Well, I didn't really fall, my legs gave way a bit.

Anyway, OH was playing GTA, and with the sirens and gun shots didn't hear for a while. Then he came and helped me out, and put me to bed. He hasn't really let me out today...I had a PJ day, and he wouldn't let me on the laptop...He cooked for me, too. We had pizza, rather than pancakes, but that's mainly because we don't have a frying pan!

I watched Jeremy Kyle in Spanish, just for laughs, but that's about all that I have done to be productive. It worked, however, I'm feeling quite a bit better and happier right now, so he's off duty for a while and I'll try and take it easy. It's hard with so many thoughts, though!

File:Universidad de Sevilla (rectorado) 001.jpg

In case anyone was wondering, this is the university OH will study looks gorgeous! I sent off my final documents for my course on Monday, and spoke to the course manager who was positive today, but said it can take an age. I'm hoping not!

I can't wait to go...It's 4 months and 2 weeks today, and so far I have made around £200, but have £100 saved for the trip, and £60 pending. I've only really known for a week, so that's not too bad!

Anyway, I don't want to push it too hard, so I'll go back to resting now!

E x

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Day 10!

Valentines Day!!
OH was lovely, He snuck out to get food and wine while I thought he was watching the Rugby. I got frustrated at the commentator being so anti-England (even though we won!) so switched to watch Villa play instead.

Anyway, he came back with flowers, wine and spag bol, which is our favourite, and we cooked it together. It was lovely :) Haven't had the wine yet, but I'm sure we will soon...I was feeling a bit ill again while we were eating, and then OH got a headache, so we are waiting til we both feel human enough!

The card I bought him from Moonpig turned up yesterday, too. I bought him a Me to You one, as I love them and he knows it! It had petals spelling out his initials, and was very cute. I think he liked it!

I got quite a bit done today, business wise, but tomorrow I'll send across my certificates and hope I'll get confirmation of my new psychology degree. I applied for finance last night, and sent them an email explaining. I also need to get a doctors letter this week...

Anyway, I'm off to spend the night with OH. Happy Valentines Day, all!

E x

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Day 9!

Hi :)
Had a nightmare night last night, with our next door neighbour keeping us awake until 6.30am...Did manage to find a few flats which we are interested in renting, though, so I'm just waiting to hear back about them now. They were lovely, and affordable too!

I haven't done very well at learning Spanish this week, so I'll have to work on that next week...As well as looking into Spanish healthcare, and further housing. Oh and clothing, because I live in jeans and trainers here, but it'll be far too hot there!

I'll update again tomorrow,
E x

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Day 6!

Wow, I can't believe it's day 6 already! We found out exactly a week ago tomorrow that OH had got the job. It's flown past!!

I still haven't got much done, really. I've enquired about a few flats, and found some gorgeous ones but they were so expensive! Around 4,000 euros a month, which is far too much. OH enquired about shared rooms, as there are some really nice ones around over there, and I was recommended an apart-hotel but I haven't managed to find out about pricing yet. It's listed on a lot of holiday sites but you can't book it for longer then a month online, and its own website is in Spanish and doesn't translate at all. I've sent off a few emails to enquire.

I've had some excellent news today, which if everything goes well for me, means on the 12th April I will be able to start a BPS accredited psychology degree. I've always loved the idea of being a counsellor, and a late night conversation with a woman from the "£100 to 10k" thread made me look into it a bit deeper. Because of my disabilities, Student Finance will fund it even if I am out of the country, so as long as I get accepted (and fast!) I'll be well on the road! It's a three year degree, with two residential 'trips'. I've sent off an application form and will apparently be contacted within 24 hours, so lets see what tomorrow brings!

I had a look at Summer clothing earlier, but couldn't find anything I like...I love shorts, but OH doesn't, and I haven't ever worn a skirt I've felt suited me. I bought a nice dress last week in an online sale, and I love how it fits, but being black I might be too hot too wear it. Being pale doesn't help, as I'll burn easily, and so need to have my shoulders covered really. Shopping is hard work!

Watched Arsenal beat Liverpool today (YAY!) and then Sevilla play, but I felt ill throughout. Have only managed to eat a slice of bread, and it took me until 9am to get to sleep last night, when the cleaner decided to let herself in to show future tenants around. The place was a bit of a mess, and I was in bed...It's a studio, so the door opens next to the bed. There is a big thick curtain, but she had pulled that out of the way...Not the nicest way to wake up!

Anyway, I'm off to lie down. I'll leave you with this picture of Sevilla airport!

E x

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Day 1!

So today was day one of our 'Working towards Spain' campaign, and I didn't get much done really. The trains between Warwick and Birmingham were really disrupted, as they are revamping the tracks, so we lost hours there, and then I watched Chelsea V Arsenal which took more time...

Anyway, the main aims:
Long Term: To make enough money to be able to have an amazing year and not worry about finances
Next Week: Learn some basic Spanish, and find and enquire about places to stay.

I'm struggling a little with the last one, because most of the sites are in Spanish and hard to understand, or are for short term lets and quite expensive each week. I keep getting distracted, too, so I'll work really hard tomorrow!

Ohh, and I made something too! Check out the new ticker!

At the moment its 12 degrees C in Seville, and 3 degrees C where I am. I know where I'd rather be!!
E x

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Hi :)

My name is Elle, and I'm nineteen years old. I live in Warwick, in England, with my 22 year old boyfriend...and we are moving to Spain!!

OH found out last week that he got the job he applied for, and is starting in September, but we are hoping to go in July to make the most of the Summer over there. The job is initially for a year, but could last longer...this blog is going to follow all our preparations, and exactly what it's like over there!!

The only thing I've done so far is up by efforts to learn Spanish, as I have only been to Belgium and France, and both were on school trips. OH's Spanish is a little better, as he's been to Spain a few times, but he isn't fluent either, so we'll be learning together!

I've been looking at Summer clothes, too, I'm a jeans and trainers kinda girl in the UK as I hate being cold but  I'm looking forward to dressing a bit better in Spain!

And just to add some interest, here's my favourite picture of Warwick Castle at the moment...

And covered in snow!


E x