Sunday, 7 February 2010

Day 1!

So today was day one of our 'Working towards Spain' campaign, and I didn't get much done really. The trains between Warwick and Birmingham were really disrupted, as they are revamping the tracks, so we lost hours there, and then I watched Chelsea V Arsenal which took more time...

Anyway, the main aims:
Long Term: To make enough money to be able to have an amazing year and not worry about finances
Next Week: Learn some basic Spanish, and find and enquire about places to stay.

I'm struggling a little with the last one, because most of the sites are in Spanish and hard to understand, or are for short term lets and quite expensive each week. I keep getting distracted, too, so I'll work really hard tomorrow!

Ohh, and I made something too! Check out the new ticker!

At the moment its 12 degrees C in Seville, and 3 degrees C where I am. I know where I'd rather be!!
E x

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