Tuesday, 16 February 2010

An Off Day.

I've been poorly today...I've just been pushing myself too hard with the business and OH and Spain, and started to feel rubbish last week. It's been slowly getting worse, until 2am yesterday, when I had terrible muscle pains. Took some tramadol and waited for that to take effect, and then decided to have a shower as the hot water usually helps. It did, until I fell over and hurt myself. Well, I didn't really fall, my legs gave way a bit.

Anyway, OH was playing GTA, and with the sirens and gun shots didn't hear for a while. Then he came and helped me out, and put me to bed. He hasn't really let me out today...I had a PJ day, and he wouldn't let me on the laptop...He cooked for me, too. We had pizza, rather than pancakes, but that's mainly because we don't have a frying pan!

I watched Jeremy Kyle in Spanish, just for laughs, but that's about all that I have done to be productive. It worked, however, I'm feeling quite a bit better and happier right now, so he's off duty for a while and I'll try and take it easy. It's hard with so many thoughts, though!

File:Universidad de Sevilla (rectorado) 001.jpg

In case anyone was wondering, this is the university OH will study at...it looks gorgeous! I sent off my final documents for my course on Monday, and spoke to the course manager who was positive today, but said it can take an age. I'm hoping not!

I can't wait to go...It's 4 months and 2 weeks today, and so far I have made around £200, but have £100 saved for the trip, and £60 pending. I've only really known for a week, so that's not too bad!

Anyway, I don't want to push it too hard, so I'll go back to resting now!

E x

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