Monday, 22 February 2010

Scammers, and nice food!

Well, I found some gorgeous flats for rent in Sevilla, about the right price, with photos showing lovely crisp interiors and I applied to them both. Half an hour later, I got a reply to the first...the owner is in West Africa at the moment, but if I send over the money, they will post the keys to me. Umm...yeah right?

Go back to look at the second, which looks legit, and shortly afterwards get a response from them. They are doing Christian work abroad, which is why they are renting out their flat...they just need copies of my national insurance card, passport and all my personal details, including mothers maiden names, to process the let.

Gah! I swear I must attract scammers! I've given up on the house search for a few days, however, to destress and concentrate on other things...I thought I'd hear about the course I've applied too over there today, but when I emailed to ask, they said I needed to send more information. So more waiting! I need them to decide soon, though, as I need to make plans if I don't get a place!

I haven't really been learning Spanish, either...We are using some Spanish phrases in everyday conversation, trying to get used to saying them, and I'm listening to the radio in Spanish too. I'll get there, but Spain feels like a huge mountain to climb at the moment.

Decided to make the most of England (and Birmingham especially) while we are here, so today me and OH went out to Urban Pie...It was interesting. I've never been before. You start at a Tesco Cafe like metal grid, with a selection of pies in front of you. OH choose steak, I had minced beef and new potatoes. The pie is put in a cardboard box...rather like a childrens meal from Mcdonalds. Then they offer two scoops of mash for £1.75 (the pies are £3.99) and gravy for 20p. Eating out of the box was hard, as the flaps were so tall, and using plastic knives and forks was a bit difficult. The pie was a bit hard, so I couldn't cut through it, and not as nice as I had expected. We did go at about 4pm, however, so earlier in the day I can imagine that it'd be nice. It was quiet, and clean, and the staff were friendly. They have a selection of beers and soft drinks refrigerated, and a welcoming room...I'm not sure if we will go again, but it was a nice meal out for £15, which was healthy too. Well, fairly. Better then Mcdonalds...I think?

Anyway, I'm off to learn the phrase of the day.

Night all!

E x

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