Sunday, 14 February 2010

Day 10!

Valentines Day!!
OH was lovely, He snuck out to get food and wine while I thought he was watching the Rugby. I got frustrated at the commentator being so anti-England (even though we won!) so switched to watch Villa play instead.

Anyway, he came back with flowers, wine and spag bol, which is our favourite, and we cooked it together. It was lovely :) Haven't had the wine yet, but I'm sure we will soon...I was feeling a bit ill again while we were eating, and then OH got a headache, so we are waiting til we both feel human enough!

The card I bought him from Moonpig turned up yesterday, too. I bought him a Me to You one, as I love them and he knows it! It had petals spelling out his initials, and was very cute. I think he liked it!

I got quite a bit done today, business wise, but tomorrow I'll send across my certificates and hope I'll get confirmation of my new psychology degree. I applied for finance last night, and sent them an email explaining. I also need to get a doctors letter this week...

Anyway, I'm off to spend the night with OH. Happy Valentines Day, all!

E x

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